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B2B Partner Marketing Consultant

Companies with mature partnerships can grow their revenue nearly twice as fast as other companies, and double the revenue growth of competitors.* If you're not tapping into your ecosystem for marketing opportunities, you're leaving growth opportunities on the table. 

About Me

With over 15 years of experience in B2B marketing, I have a deep understanding of the channel and how marketing to, through, and with partners is a key to success. During my time spent at companies like Salesforce, Slack, and Airtable, I have worked with all partner types, including technology and platform partners, ISVs, consultants, resellers and GSIs. I build long-term relationships both inside and outside the organization, while bringing my years of marketing experience to the partnership. Whether it's through events, product marketing, campaigns, or content, I'm able to take a holistic approach to define mutual success. 

I advise founders and leaders across a range of industries and segments looking to accelerate growth through their partner ecosystem by providing a comprehensive range of consulting services, including:

  • partner marketing strategy

  • marketing plan assessments

  • enablement guides

  • program launches

  • co-marketing campaigns


Partner marketing strategy

Thorough assessment of your business needs and existing plans to provide recommendations for optimization. Establish a tailored partner marketing roadmap and customized strategy, leveraging industry best practices and innovative approaches.

Partner marketing deliverables

Ongoing advisory

Compelling and effective content tailored to your partner audience - including newsletters, joint value propositions, partner portal, sales enablement, customer stories, webinar outlines, blog posts, PR announcements, email and social copy and more.

Ongoing resource for your internal and external teams on all things partner marketing. Advisory and consultative point person once co-marketing engagements are in motion. Continued support to help you achieve your marketing goals.


"Shanna consistently delivers on her commitments, eagerly tackling new initiatives and navigating changes to scope with ease."

Marketing Leader, Salesforce

Why partner marketing?

For many B2B companies, alliances are formed out of necessity - whether it's a complementary integration or sales expansion into a new territory. As partner Sarah Wang of Andreesen Horowitz states, "Partnerships are a ‘need to have’, not a ‘nice to have’, especially in this environment.” Partnerships are more important than ever, as companies look to grow their business, they rely on partners to help source pipeline, speed up sales cycles, and ultimately drive revenue. 

Oftentimes, companies scale their partnerships team, but partner marketing is an afterthought when it comes to hiring. However, it's a critical component to success in the B2B space. At its core, partner marketing is about collaboration and creating mutual value.
The function serves not only as a Swiss army knife marketer to identify co-marketing opportunities, but also as a partner champion, advocating internally across teams to highlight the partner value - how they can drive awareness of your brand, fuel growth among new audiences, and bring innovation to your platform to increase adoption. Partner marketing can serve as a dot - connector across internal and external teams, a dedicated point person for your business development team, and even an acting CMO, finding new ways to tap into your ecosystem.

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